In pursuit of Health, Wealth and Wisdom in Decision Making

“Selfless, go-giver, ambitious, smart and loving are just a few words for Nic. In business and in life Nic is one of the best men I know. He has stood with me through my successes and near death. I can’t speak highly enough for Nic. If you have the opportunity to work with him, learn from him or to be his friend I say go all in because he certainly will!!!”

– John Rowley

Best selling author, fitness & lifestyle master, on the board at Clickbank

“Nic understands how to play the long game. Work with him if you want to consistently win. Don’t if you just want a quick win and then burn out”

– Dan Nicholson

Nth Degree CPAs, Top Ten Well Run Accounting Firm In The US

Nic is one of the most uniquely skilled and brilliant people I’ve ever met. He is an amazing leader that has a unique ability to build strategic relationships and operates with integrity. What stands out most to me though is that while nearly everyone is trying to complicate things and hide behind complex unproven or non-duplicatable strategies, Nic keeps things simple and uses common sense to hone in on the fastest, most direct path to achieving your goals while trying to strategically avoid friction and stress. In order words, he’s a master at multiplication by subtraction. We need more people like Nic in the world.

– Timothy Dick

Founder and CEO of VOIPO and ProfitLayer. 3 time Inc 5000 CEO