Hi. I'm Nic.

Sometimes I read. Sometimes I write. When I do either it’s science-based, pragmatic and useful (you know, in the real world). I have no interest in trying to impress you or sell you anything, but I do hope that I can help you get closer to the things that truly matter to you.

Some people say I’ve changed their life. Others say I’m clueless. 

Stick around and make up y our own mind (or don’t). 


Business Owner – Dog Lover

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“Nic is a polymath, a true genius, a connector of the world’s top people and a collector of the most incredible minds. His brain is unique, even among a land of unique brains. He understands concepts at the highest levels, where few dare to dream. And, yet, he can translate those ideas and concepts to the world — providing profound results in the process.”

Justin Breen

Runs international PR firm that works exclusively with visionaries and authored No. 1 International Best-Selling Book, Epic Business

“Nic understands how to play the long game. Work with him if you want to consistently win. Don’t if you just want a quick win and then burn out.”

Dan Nicholson
Nth Degree CPAs
Dan founded and operates a Top Ten Well Run Accounting Firm In The US

“In business and in life, Nic is one of the best men I know. He has stood with me through my successes and near death. I can’t speak highly enough for Nic.”

John Rowley
Best selling author, fitness & lifestyle master.

John sits on the board of Clickbank where they have “John Rowley Day” every year.

“Nic keeps things simple and uses common sense to hone-in on the fastest, most direct path to achieving your goals while trying to strategically avoid friction and stress. We need more people like Nic in the world.”​

Timothy Dick

Tim is the Founder and CEO of VOIPO and ProfitLayer. 3-time Inc 5000 CEO

“Every once in a while someone shows up in my life that I describe to my wife as having a “bent frame”. They’re tweaked. The mental math they use to manifest possibility and solve dilemmas is different. Unorthodox methods and unshakeable certainty about what can be achieved are their trademarks. What they touch turns to gold. Nic Peterson has a “bent frame”. And, that makes Bumpers a key read for anyone who wants to make extraordinary their normal. It is an inspiring work that shows the fundamental actions that enable exponential productivity and, better yet, can have fun doing it. I finished Bumpers in one short sitting. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Dr. Jeff Spencer
Recognized as one the leading sport chiropractors in the world, 9 years tour de france chiropractor and mindset coach. 45 olympic, world, tour de france and national champions, 9 olympic golds. Creator of the Champion’s Blueprint



Stuff for your Ears

Transforming your business is not about doing MORE stuff. It’s about identifying the stuff that is most profitable for YOU and moving you closer to your person goals. Maximum Productivity and Profit is all about me (and my friends) dropping some daily perspective with quick, actionable tips/tricks. Click the image above to listen. 
Preeminence. Nic Peterson and the legendary Jeff Moore deep dive into what makes an individual the preeminent leader in their space. Thought provoking interviews where high level business owners share stuff they will NEVER share anywhere else. Click the image above to listen.

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