The Love Languages Of Persuasion

Ever study the 5 love languages? 

It’s basically the idea that everyone needs to be shown love and appreciation different for it to land the way they want it to AND everyone shows love and appreciation differently.  

To add to the never ending complication that is a relationship (and perhaps the most important thing to understand) is that the way a person prefers to receive love and appreciation is not the same way they like to give it.  

For example, I’m a gift giver. 

 I just like to gift people shit. I don’t know why, but when I think about someone and it’s positive, I want to gift them things. 

I HATE getting gifts.  Not sure why. Maybe it’s because I love myself enough that I gift myself everything I want lol 

But seriously. This is important. Especially if you’ve ever fired up a FB live, starred at a blank email or blank page and had a hard time figuring out what you should be saying. 

In your personal life there are very few people you need to think about. Spouse, boyfriend, girlfriends, parents, kids and maybe a few special family friends or something. We can remember how to talk to each of these people. 

But my guess is that in your  business you want to sell hundreds of thousands of people – people that we can’t possibly get to know personally and make notes about their preferred love language. 

Well good news: 

There are four main languages or lenses of influence. 

And there is a system for giving everyone the love, appreciation and attention they deserve, the way they want to receive it (that will turn them into raving buyers and fans) without doing an outrageous amount of work.  

First the four lenses (credit to Jack Butcher of the Trust Accelerator for building these into a framework for me)  

1. Analytical: Content with numbers, facts, figures, white papers
2. Anthropological: Content explaining human behavior, biases and thinking patterns
3. Aspirational: Stories, rags to riches, the hero’s journey 
4. Actionable: Content that just tells you what to do.  

Undoubtedly you have the language you like to speak and, most likely, a language you are more likely to tune into and buy from.  

For example, how I prefer to help people is just tell them what to do (actionable) and tell them why they didn’t see themselves (anthropological) but I like to listen to and be sucked into stories (aspirational) and I am moved to buy by numbers (analytical). 


Few things happen if we aren’t aware of these influence lenses:

First, we have a hard time figuring out what kind of content to make because the stuff we are inclined to make is stuff we may not buy from (although others will)  …And the stuff that we would buy from is not the stuff that we like to make (I fucking HATE telling stories) 

Or, more common:

We just crank out content through the same 1-2 lenses over and over again, meaning we are not speaking to 50-75% of our audience the way they prefer to buy. They want to buy, you’re just not speaking their love language. 

Want proof?  

Take your best performing  piece of content – let’s say, for argument’s sake, it’s a case study of how you helped Nic Peterson get 100 buyers in 24 hours. 

More than likely the content is some amalgamation of the lenses, but really drilling in on any of them but touching on a few. So do this: 

Share the exact same case study with your audience but hyper focus on each lens – which means: 

One content piece that is “How Nic Made 100 sales in 24 hours” that is plain Jane, showing ONLY the numbers/data.  No story, no psychology, just numbers.(Analytical)  

Then, another sharing why it worked, the psychology behind why we did what we did and why we didn’t do it before. Forget the numbers or the story, just break down the underlying concepts and principles (anthropological)  

Then ANOTHER that doesn’t touch on numbers on psychology but just tells the story… from rags to riches! Once upon time… and then… until… and then one day… and now Nic is living happily ever after.

And then another that just lists out the actions steps. “Do this, this and this right now” 

To YOU they will feel like the same story, but to your audience they will be very different. Just like love languages hit different people very differently, so do these lenses.  

If you do this, you will wake up a TON of dormant buyers that have just been waiting for you to speak their love language to them.  

Of course, I have workbooks and digital tools that make this super simple to organize, PLUS a spreadsheet that will tell you exactly what to say and how to sell it 

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Nic “don’t give me gifts” Peterson

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