Monthly Value Bomb: Issue #2

Issue 2: November 2020

The Very Second Issue Of The Monthly, High Value Memo that doesn’t even have a name yet:

Man, time flies. I was supposed to have a name for this thing by now. 

Anyway, this is the second issue of the Free Monthly recap newsletter to keep you up to date on what’s new, what’s working, what’s NOT working and, hopefully, give you some tips and tricks to think accurately in times of uncertainty. 

Here’s the stuff you don’t want to miss from October:

Stealth Influence and Secrets of Persuasion:

October I went heavy on building out and perfecting the Stealth Influence concept. You can read about it above, it’s two powerful emails plus a bonus that you can implement right away into your process. Of course, if you want to jump right into the workshop you can do that right here.

The Certainty Summit and Profit Priorities + Introducing the “Investor Frame”

There is one concept that rings more true to me than any others (and my clients say the same when I introduce them to it). It’s the “Investor Frame”. Turns out to be the most powerful way to to make decisions in your  business, especially when crafting a 30, 60 or 90 day plan. 

Want to know where to focus? Watch this free breakdown pulled out of Dan Nicholson’s “Certainty Summit” we held in October. 

Member Spotlight – Dr Gabrielle Lyon

How has Dr. Lyon built a million dollar practice (a million in profit, btw) without any advertising? How have we moved her from in person practice to remote seamlessly? And how does someone that puts very little effort into marketing end up on multiple Top 20 business lists?

Join us Monday the 2nd here or wait for the replay or get on the Thought Bomb list here for the replay. 

Preeminence Unleashed Season 2 Launch:

We’re relaunching the podcast in a big way – we have about 11 episodes in the pipeline already and they are, by far, some of the most fascinating and informative conversations I’ve ever been a part of. Make sure you take time to be a fly on the wall. New episodes drop every Monday. 

What you don’t want to miss moving forward:

Thursday Night Boardroom:

My partner in the Network, Jeff Moore, is one of the most well connected, brilliant, generous people on the planet. The last Thursday of every month, for a decade, he has held a free boardroom meeting for Entrepreneurs to get together, solve and share. Apply here if you want to join. It’s free, we never sell anything, but we do curate. 

The Letter:

Yes, I send a direct mail newsletter every month. Yes, it goes to your physical mailbox and, it has (outside of my private client events) the most powerful content I have to share. As you can see, I don’t put a ton of effort into marketing it, it’s not for everybody – just people ready to cut through the BS. The issue going out Monday is a doozie. 

Onward and Upward


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