Monthly Value Bomb Issue #3

End of Year Special

Obviously I still don’t have a better name for this thing. When in doubt, call a spade a spade: here is your end of year special value bomb.

We sure learned a lot in 2020. 

About ourselves, about others, and how we interact with others while drowning in a sea of uncertainty. Our mission for December was to be an oasis of stability through it all so that our members, partners and friends could get a running start into the next year.  

Here is the stuff you do not want to miss going into 2021:

Nicsmas 2020 []

I took 16 hours over a 12 days period and taught my entire operating system: How to turn seemingly impossible problems into solvable problems, how to tune out the noise and figure out what YOU should be doing with your time (Hint: it’s not what other people tell you that you should be doing). 

You can jump in right now and you will get one video a month for free that will help you get clear on what matters to you and how to close the gap between where you’re at and what really matters. If you ONLY consumed this in 2021 you would make a quantum leap forward. Not by addition, but by subtraction. 

3 Steps To Improve Finances by 80% Without A Budget []

If one of your “resolutions” is to have more cash in the bank and budgets have not worked for you (it’s okay, they don’t work for most people) here is the most powerful, sustainable and pragmatic method for ending 2021 with more cash in the bank than ever before. 

How To Set Sustainable Goals [

Going into the New year I figured the most helpful thing I could do is answer the questions: How do you set your goals, stay on track and ensure that your clients success is sustainable as well?

This is my “Behavior Modification” Model of personal goal setting, but it’s also how I build all of my programs. 

My Best Advice for 2021….Maybe Ever by Jeff Moore [PDF HERE]

Jeff Moore shares his biggest piece of advice from 2020 heading into 2021. It’s a short read and a powerful concept from a brilliant, well connected, universally loved human.

Other cool stuff and places we’re hanging out:

Thursday Night Boardroom []

My partner and friend Jeff Moore hosts a powerful mastermind every month. It’s free if you qualify. Hope to see you there.

Preeminence Unleashed []

Jeff and I also host a podcast called Preeminence Unleashed and the list of guests coming up is a VERY impressive cast of characters. Drop in and let me know what you think. Plus, we give away a lot of really cool stuff. 

Clubhouse [@nicpeterson23]

I’ve been tinkering around on Clubhouse, mostly just dropping into or opening room to drop some value bombs. Give me a follow if you have an account and then follow the few people that I follow. You’ll thank me later. 




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