My Best Advice for 2021… and Maybe Ever

What would one of the most well connected, kindest, most loved humans in all of the business world say about 2020 and what it means for 2021?

On my birthday last year, I brought in a few of my friends, partners, and mentors to ask them exactly that:

“What was your biggest lesson in 2020 and what are you going to do in 2021?”

The three-hour roundtable is available as the last day of Nicsmas, but today I am going to share with you a piece by Jeff Moore. Jeff is one of the few people that have direct lines to some of the greatest marketers and business minds of our time and a lifetime of scars he is willing to share with our members for their benefit:

From the Desk of Jeff Moore:

Seek NOT a coach, advisor, mentor, or program that is going to give you something new to do.

Seek a SCULPTOR that is going to carve away at the noise and complexity of what you think you are supposed to do in business and in life based on all the posts, ads, programs, and offers out there…

And deliver upon you a beautiful piece of art that reveals your most fulfilled, happy, and prosperous self, uniquely carved specifically to represent your best you.

Before you follow what you think this advice is saying, it is important to understand the difference between and Blastor and a Sculptor.

A Blaster is the one that blows the most obvious perspectives and advice to the masses… removing falsehoods and misconceptions of the most unlearned in the population.

A Sculptor is the one who sees the vision and makes careful and unique moves to reveal the work that best represents the best version of the desired outcome by removing the subtle and not so subtle assumptions, detractors, and distractions that do not represent the overall goal of the project or person.

To explain further, let’s give you a familiar frame of reference… Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore was created to commemorate our national history and progress through the features of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

There is much we can use from this creation that will best differentiate and symbolize what a true sculptor can mean in your business and life… let’s just say life, because business is a big part of how we lead our adult lives.

Mount Rushmore took just about 14 years to create. Great things take time.

Many will see the image of a Sculptor and this dude with big hands, a big hammer, and a large chisel and they would not be wrong, but this is the Blastor. 

For instance, 90% of Mount Rushmore was created using Dynamite. That took roughly 6 months of the 14-year project.

The remaining 13.5 years was completed by 400 men carefully chiseling the side of this Granite mountain to form the features as presented in the model held in the station below. The artist and leader would radio the teams and direct them on what else to remove to shape the finished product you see today. 

They started with Dynamite, then big chisels, but the real art comes from removing the smaller pieces of stone that shape the detail of the visage and finally very carefully shaved away the parts of Granite to form this magical monument.

Never once did they “ADD” Granite or another substance to make the monument more substantial.

As humans, we tend to look to “ADD” elements, processes, and other components to our lives to help us grab our share of the American Dream.

Modern Advertising has done a hell of a job getting us to believe that we are “One Funnel Away” from prosperity… and once we have that One Funnel, we find we need new copy, a sales force, and some fancy software to manage it all.

This is the same with weight loss, relationships, happiness, and anything else we want in life.

Have you ever felt that the further along you get in your entrepreneurial journey, the more complex, time-consuming and resource sucking things seem to get and the less the image looks like the original idea and vision you had when you started?

If so, you are one of the 92.5% of all entrepreneurs that are suffering from “chronic plastic surgery syndrome”… adding more to create a more perfect vision, only to find that the new version looks nothing like the original image you had when you first started. 

You feel like this “thing” is no longer yours because it is just a compilation of other people’s vision… coaches, advisors, so-called mastermind groups… the list of additive detractors is long.

Then you feel like blowing the whole thing up.

Sound familiar? Me too.

I came up with this realization for myself after working with Nic for the last 2.5 years, and after spending a good part of this time trying to figure out how to introduce Nic to other super-achievers and thought leaders. Saying, “Nic is a Genius, was not working for me.” True, but not nearly as compelling as I thought it should be.

Actually, it came to me finally and clearly after Nicsmas 2020 Day #7.

Nic had sent out a follow-up email talking about the content he had delivered over the previous days. Here was my “stream of consciousness” response…

“Hey, Nic,

To refer to what you are doing as “content” is a big-time understatement… but if you were to call it what it is to the participants of Nicsmas2020, your description would make you sound arrogant and egotistical. Leave that to the people you have served, saved, and guided.

 Maybe I was just ready to hear it finally at 56 years, but this has been among the most transformational 7 hours of my life… and there are 5 days of Nicsmas to go!

 You have delivered with such grabbing clarity and actionable simplicity (aka “Nicsplicity”) that I am absolutely certain of what I want, why I want it, how I am going to get there, and what to do every day to close the gap between where I am and where I want to be.

 You are not a coach, a consultant, or a teacher… you are a sculptor, carving away at the noise and complexity of what we think we are supposed to do based on all the advice, posts, ads, and offers out there; and finally delivering a beautiful piece of art uniquely carved to reveal our most fulfilled, happy and prosperous life… the best version of our individual selves and the role we play in the service of others.

 Nicsmas2020 is a blessing and an investment that will continue to pay off for the rest of my life.”

Nic is a sculptor… it is as obvious as the day. 

This is how I will introduce Nic for the rest of my life.

I hope this advice serves you… for the rest of YOUR Life.

– Jeff Moore

Director, Global Protein Group / Founder Thursday Night Boardroom

Jeff is THE Thought Leader in his industry serving the most popular and discriminating restaurant operators in the USA, like The Cheesecake Factory, and many others.


Obviously, I’m a huge fan of the last few paragraphs. lol

But the message is powerful – because it’s the last 5% that creates distinction and it’s a distinction that is going to make you bulletproof in any economy.

Stop adding new stuff. Stop blasting. Start sculpting away the things that do not belong.

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See you on the inside.


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