The Secret To Attracting Droves of Buyers That Have Already Sold Themselves

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So I was trolling the internet yesterday, which I rarely do, but I’m always happy about it when I do. Mostly because it reminds me how clueless people are about the world around them. 


And it’s hilarious. 


But it’s also an opportunity to talk real shit. So here’s some real shit.


This dude, in a group of business owners, says something along the lines of:


**Marketing and Branding Doesn’t Work**


**Without salespeople to bust their objections nobody will buy, no matter how good the marketing***


I commented:


“False” (Yay for brevity)


And then watched about 18 comments coming in as he argued with himself. Stuff like:


“Well without someone there to obliterate their objections, they will not buy! This is true in every single industry!”


I didn’t bother responding, because I’m only a part-time troll. But here’s the response (since you’re on this list, I’ll take the time):


Ever see the lines of people around the block trying to get the newest iPhone?


Or the people trying to break down the storefront doors on Back Friday?


What about the massive amount of people that rushed to put down a deposit for the Cybertruck?


Here is the reality, my angry little Facebook friends:


Marketing and branding don’t work if your product sucks.


People show up with objections when they product is too innovative if they are unclear about one of these five things:


  • The relative advantage of your product or service over that they are using now
  • The compatibility of your products with their current products, beliefs, family life, public image, etc
  • The level of trialability available 
  • The level of complexity to use or benefit from what you’re selling 
  • The observability of the results or outcome you’re providing 


(There are also four lenses through which each person buys from, which I’ll tackle tomorrow.)


But what great brands know is that if you build great shit and market it correctly…


You don’t have to **SELL** every one. You just have to let them buy.


I have had sales teams – and there is a certain segment of the population that will buy primary from salespeople. 


But you don’t NEED to master sales or have a team of sales masters to sell a BOATLOAD of your stuff if you know how to talk to people in a way that creates marketing magic… 


What is marketing magic?


It’s the opposite of external sales pressure… it’s the process of:


Strategically and Systematically 

Creating and Internal Buying Pressure


No convincing necessary. 


No objection busting. 


Just showing them where they can buy and opening the doors (or cart). 


“Let me guess, Nic… you have a program for this that you’re gonna link to below”




I built a very powerful program called “Stealth Influence” which breaks down the exact strategic and systematic way to create this internal buying pressure and get people begging to buy on ANY medium. 


You can get it at


It’s like $27 right now because I’m too lazy to put up a real sales page. Won’t be that way for long. It has all of the training, worksheets, and everything.


Grab it here:


See you on the inside




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