The truth about creation

[Excerpt From 03/05 Daily Thought Bomb]


You’re going to make a lot of mistakes. 


A lot of them. 


Like a metric fuck-ton of ’em. (That’s the technical term)


I just posted the following thought in the private group:


Losing a half pound a week, on average, feels maddening. 


Coming out of the end of COVID 26 pounds lighter, thought would seem like a miracle. 


Increasing profit by a measly 15% month over month, on average, feels maddening. 


But if the last time you saw your best friend was 15 months ago and you’ve gone from $6k a month to $42k a month in that time it would seem like an unreal transformation.


Optimal pacing:


It happens way slower than you want it to. 


But far faster than anyone else can even believe is possible.


And one of our (amazing) new Incubator members commented something along the lines:


“I often wish I had found this sooner”


I’m paraphrasing because this is actually something we get often – and sometimes there is a hint of regret or disappointments that they made some mistakes that could have been avoided. 


But here is the truth that most marketers, mentors, or coaches will never tell you:


This shit is hard. 


And it’s supposed to be. 


The reason people like us create is that there is an upside to it. The financial upside, altruistic upside, changing lives, transforming industries, or even just seeing our vision come to life. I’m not here to tell you what the upside is supposed to be for you, but it exists and in every domain since the beginning of time…


Upside Is Reserved For Risk Takers


Creating is risky. 


When we create we risk financial ruin, judgment, isolation, and the flood of emotions that come with them. 


I’m not suggesting that you should fall down on purpose. But instead that it is going to happen. And there is NO room for guilt, shame, or regret at the top. 


If you’re going to get the upside of a creator, you’re going to have the scars of a creator. 




DISCLAIMER: Taking on an asymmetric, calculated risk is NOT the same as stupid shit. If you read/watch content about risk-taking and think that’s a free pass to act like an idiot (“burn the boats!”) please remove yourself from this list.


I do not want to be responsible for or validate juvenile “entrepreneurship” 

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