Final Thoughts: Focus and Intent

**Excerpt from the March 2021 Edition of the Direct Mail newsletter that has since been discontinued**

The letter broke down the fastest path to cash for most business owners, which is to invert conventional wisdom. If you’re in the beauty industry, for example, and all of your competitors are focused on women and all of your advisors are telling you to set up events at fashion conventions; invert it. Set up a booth at a firearm or farm equipment expo. Do you know who was just gone all weekend and would be wise to spend some money on a gift for their wife before they get home?

Every dude in that place.

If every other booth is giving away free samples or undercutting the boot next to them and your consultant suggests you do the same; invert it. Charge more than anyone else in the building. If nothing else, this will get people asking questions, leading to conversations and, what is marketing?

It’s trying to start a dialogue with a prospect.

The letter when on to give dozens of examples. But here is why Inversion is such a timely topic right now:

The whole world if fighting to get in on the distraction game. Distraction marketing is everywhere. So what am I going to do? Invert. Moving my stuff off of Facebook, stopped sending emails, etc.


I do not want you to be distracted. If that’s how I get clients and partners then I can be sure of at least one thing: my clients and partners are susceptible to getting distracted. And that is not what I want (personal preference, you are welcome to your own). Instead, I am looking for people with intent that can focus.

If I am here to be useful to you and you are here to be useful to yourself, notifications serve no benefit.

So here is what I am doing:

I am still writing, but I am putting most of my articles and content on the Success Finder, where people will have to actively go find it when they are ready to sit down and focus. Most of my videos, programs, and previously expensive content is also free over there.

You can see it all in this community here.

It’s nice and quiet over there. Your dopamine-addicted brain won’t like it, but that’s not the part of your brain that I want to engage with anyway.


PS. I do post quite often on Twitter because I’ve decided to use it as my personal notepad. Wanna see the chaos inside of this head? Follow this Twitter and brace yourself.

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