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NIC PETERSON Guru. Expert. Student.

“Nic understands how to play the long game. Work with him if you want to consistently win. Don’t if you just want a quick win and then burn out.”

Dan Nicholson
Nth Degree CPAs
Dan founded and operates a Top Ten Well Run Accounting Firm In The US

“Nic is a polymath, a true genius, a connector of the world’s top people and a collector of the most incredible minds. His brain is unique, even among a land of unique brains. He understands concepts at the highest levels, where few dare to dream. And, yet, he can translate those ideas and concepts to the world — providing profound results in the process.”

Justin Breen

Runs international PR firm that works exclusively with visionaries and authored No. 1 International Best-Selling Book, Epic Business

“In business and in life, Nic is one of the best men I know. He has stood with me through my successes and near death. I can’t speak highly enough for Nic.”

John Rowley
Best selling author, fitness & lifestyle master.

John sits on the board of Clickbank where they have “John Rowley Day” every year.

“Nic keeps things simple and uses common sense to hone-in on the fastest, most direct path to achieving your goals while trying to strategically avoid friction and stress. We need more people like Nic in the world.”​

Timothy Dick

Tim is the Founder and CEO of VOIPO and ProfitLayer. 3-time Inc 5000 CEO

“Every once in a while someone shows up in my life that I describe to my wife as having a “bent frame”. They’re tweaked. The mental math they use to manifest possibility and solve dilemmas is different. Unorthodox methods and unshakeable certainty about what can be achieved are their trademarks. What they touch turns to gold. Nic Peterson has a “bent frame”. And, that makes Bumpers a key read for anyone who wants to make extraordinary their normal. It is an inspiring work that shows the fundamental actions that enable exponential productivity and, better yet, can have fun doing it. I finished Bumpers in one short sitting. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Dr. Jeff Spencer
Recognized as one the leading sport chiropractors in the world, 9 years tour de france chiropractor and mindset coach. 45 olympic, world, tour de france and national champions, 9 olympic golds. Creator of the Champion’s Blueprint

My Best Advice for 2021… and Maybe Ever

What would one of the most well connected, kindest, most loved humans in all of the business world say about 2020 and what it means for 2021?

On my birthday last year, I brought in a few of my friends, partners, and mentors to ask them exactly that:

“What was your biggest lesson in 2020 and what are you going to do in 2021?”

The three-hour roundtable is available as the last day of Nicsmas, but today I am going to share with you a piece by Jeff Moore. Jeff is one of the few people that have direct lines to some of the greatest marketers and business minds of our time and a lifetime of scars he is willing to share with our members for their benefit:


From the Desk of Jeff Moore:

Seek NOT a coach, advisor, mentor, or program that is going to give you something new to do.

Seek a SCULPTOR that is going to carve away at the noise and complexity of what you think you are supposed to do in business and in life based on all the posts, ads, programs, and offers out there…

And deliver upon you a beautiful piece of art that reveals your most fulfilled, happy, and prosperous self, uniquely carved specifically to represent your best you.

Before you follow what you think this advice is saying, it is important to understand the difference between and Blastor and a Sculptor.

A Blaster is the one that blows the most obvious perspectives and advice to the masses… removing falsehoods and misconceptions of the most unlearned in the population.

A Sculptor is the one who sees the vision and makes careful and unique moves to reveal the work that best represents the best version of the desired outcome by removing the subtle and not so subtle assumptions, detractors, and distractions that do not represent the overall goal of the project or person.

To explain further, let’s give you a familiar frame of reference… Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore was created to commemorate our national history and progress through the features of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

There is much we can use from this creation that will best differentiate and symbolize what a true sculptor can mean in your business and life… let’s just say life, because business is a big part of how we lead our adult lives.

Mount Rushmore took just about 14 years to create. Great things take time.

Many will see the image of a Sculptor and this dude with big hands, a big hammer, and a large chisel and they would not be wrong, but this is the Blastor. 

For instance, 90% of Mount Rushmore was created using Dynamite. That took roughly 6 months of the 14-year project.

The remaining 13.5 years was completed by 400 men carefully chiseling the side of this Granite mountain to form the features as presented in the model held in the station below. The artist and leader would radio the teams and direct them on what else to remove to shape the finished product you see today. 

They started with Dynamite, then big chisels, but the real art comes from removing the smaller pieces of stone that shape the detail of the visage and finally very carefully shaved away the parts of Granite to form this magical monument.

Never once did they “ADD” Granite or another substance to make the monument more substantial.

As humans, we tend to look to “ADD” elements, processes, and other components to our lives to help us grab our share of the American Dream.

Modern Advertising has done a hell of a job getting us to believe that we are “One Funnel Away” from prosperity… and once we have that One Funnel, we find we need new copy, a sales force, and some fancy software to manage it all.

This is the same with weight loss, relationships, happiness, and anything else we want in life.

Have you ever felt that the further along you get in your entrepreneurial journey, the more complex, time-consuming and resource sucking things seem to get and the less the image looks like the original idea and vision you had when you started?

If so, you are one of the 92.5% of all entrepreneurs that are suffering from “chronic plastic surgery syndrome”… adding more to create a more perfect vision, only to find that the new version looks nothing like the original image you had when you first started. 

You feel like this “thing” is no longer yours because it is just a compilation of other people’s vision… coaches, advisors, so-called mastermind groups… the list of additive detractors is long.

Then you feel like blowing the whole thing up.

Sound familiar? Me too.

I came up with this realization for myself after working with Nic for the last 2.5 years, and after spending a good part of this time trying to figure out how to introduce Nic to other super-achievers and thought leaders. Saying, “Nic is a Genius, was not working for me.” True, but not nearly as compelling as I thought it should be.

Actually, it came to me finally and clearly after Nicsmas 2020 Day #7.

Nic had sent out a follow-up email talking about the content he had delivered over the previous days. Here was my “stream of consciousness” response…

“Hey, Nic,

To refer to what you are doing as “content” is a big-time understatement… but if you were to call it what it is to the participants of Nicsmas2020, your description would make you sound arrogant and egotistical. Leave that to the people you have served, saved, and guided.

 Maybe I was just ready to hear it finally at 56 years, but this has been among the most transformational 7 hours of my life… and there are 5 days of Nicsmas to go!

 You have delivered with such grabbing clarity and actionable simplicity (aka “Nicsplicity”) that I am absolutely certain of what I want, why I want it, how I am going to get there, and what to do every day to close the gap between where I am and where I want to be.

 You are not a coach, a consultant, or a teacher… you are a sculptor, carving away at the noise and complexity of what we think we are supposed to do based on all the advice, posts, ads, and offers out there; and finally delivering a beautiful piece of art uniquely carved to reveal our most fulfilled, happy and prosperous life… the best version of our individual selves and the role we play in the service of others.

 Nicsmas2020 is a blessing and an investment that will continue to pay off for the rest of my life.”

Nic is a sculptor… it is as obvious as the day. 

This is how I will introduce Nic for the rest of my life.

I hope this advice serves you… for the rest of YOUR Life.

– Jeff Moore

Director, Global Protein Group / Founder Thursday Night Boardroom

Jeff is THE Thought Leader in his industry serving the most popular and discriminating restaurant operators in the USA, like The Cheesecake Factory, and many others.


Obviously, I’m a huge fan of the last few paragraphs. lol

But the message is powerful – because it’s the last 5% that creates distinction and it’s a distinction that is going to make you bulletproof in any economy.

Stop adding new stuff. Stop blasting. Start sculpting away the things that do not belong.

And… you can still jump into Nicsmas for FREE here:

It will send you one “Day of Nicsmas” per month that will shake up your belief system and help you realize how to sculpt yourself and others.

See you on the inside.


PS. The 12th Day Of Nicsmas is the 3 Hour Roundtable called “Tribe of Mentors” and if you want to skip straight to it, there is an opportunity to upgrade and unlock them all immediately on the Thank You page.

Here is the link again:

Stories… Should We Tell Them?

An Excerpt from today’s Daily Thought Bomb:

I’m going to make three statements that I believe to be accurate:

First, Stories sell. In fact, nothing sells better than a strong, compelling narrative.

Second, I don’t tell stories, it’s not in my DNA, but I still sell a lot of stuff. More accurately, a lot of people buy my stuff (If you saw my email series around sales, you know by now that letting people buy from an internal buying pressure is FAR better than selling them)

Lastly, Most of my sales, referrals, and reputation comes from… stories.

Stories sell, I don’t tell stories, but most of my buyers come from stories. Good luck making sense of that 😉

Let me explain.

If you want a strong brand, great reputation, and droves of buyers that want to buy whatever you’re selling, powerful stories have to exist. There are two ways to do this effectively:

The first is to be a great storyteller.

A great storyteller can captivate, educate, infotain, and change beliefs with their stories.  It’s a rare skill but it CAN be developed. Study the great storytellers of our time like Pixar would be a great place to start. Pixar always uses the same framework to tell stories. It’s a big reason they rarely swing and miss.

The second, which is my preferred method, is to allow your actions to plant seeds in a way that other people start to craft their own stories around you and your brand.

                       It’s not your words, but your behavior tells the story.


This is my preferred method for two big reasons:

It’s much more difficult to change our behavior than our words, so very few people actually master this. Modifying your words is easy, anyone can do it. Modifying your behavior is a much larger barrier and therefore, a much larger advantage.


People always trust their own ideas over the ideas of other people. The stories we tell ourselves will always have more pull than the stories we are told.


I’m not going to tell you what to do, because your brand needs to be about you and who you TRULY are. But I can tell you some things you should avoid at all costs:

Preach about things that you do not adhere to. If you don’t walk the walk, your brand is sitting on thin ice. Too often, stories fall apart when we meet our heroes in real life because the story had nothing to do with their real-life behavior.

Talk a lot. Nothing worse than saying more than needs to be said.

Tell people what they should think about you. It should be obvious. If you have to TELL people you’re 7 feet tall, you probably aren’t 7 feet tall.

Blend in. Just as people use words and images as pattern interrupts in marketing, you should be a walking, talking pattern interrupt. If you blend in, your actions will tell the story then you’re not notable in any significant way.

Thought Bomb:

My challenge to you is to watch your words. Compare them to your actions.

And then have an honest conversation with yourself about which of the two tells a better story.

If your words are more impressive to a person than if they were to watch your behavior for a day… you’re standing on very thin ice, with a fragile story.


PS. I wrote a short book (like 50 pages) on closing the gap between your actions and words right here: (Digital + Bonuses) (Physical from amazon)

Monthly Value Bomb Issue #3

End of Year Special

Obviously I still don’t have a better name for this thing. When in doubt, call a spade a spade: here is your end of year special value bomb.

We sure learned a lot in 2020. 

About ourselves, about others, and how we interact with others while drowning in a sea of uncertainty. Our mission for December was to be an oasis of stability through it all so that our members, partners and friends could get a running start into the next year.  

Here is the stuff you do not want to miss going into 2021:

Nicsmas 2020 []

I took 16 hours over a 12 days period and taught my entire operating system: How to turn seemingly impossible problems into solvable problems, how to tune out the noise and figure out what YOU should be doing with your time (Hint: it’s not what other people tell you that you should be doing). 

You can jump in right now and you will get one video a month for free that will help you get clear on what matters to you and how to close the gap between where you’re at and what really matters. If you ONLY consumed this in 2021 you would make a quantum leap forward. Not by addition, but by subtraction. 

3 Steps To Improve Finances by 80% Without A Budget []

If one of your “resolutions” is to have more cash in the bank and budgets have not worked for you (it’s okay, they don’t work for most people) here is the most powerful, sustainable and pragmatic method for ending 2021 with more cash in the bank than ever before. 

How To Set Sustainable Goals [

Going into the New year I figured the most helpful thing I could do is answer the questions: How do you set your goals, stay on track and ensure that your clients success is sustainable as well?

This is my “Behavior Modification” Model of personal goal setting, but it’s also how I build all of my programs. 

My Best Advice for 2021….Maybe Ever by Jeff Moore [PDF HERE]

Jeff Moore shares his biggest piece of advice from 2020 heading into 2021. It’s a short read and a powerful concept from a brilliant, well connected, universally loved human.

Other cool stuff and places we’re hanging out:

Thursday Night Boardroom []

My partner and friend Jeff Moore hosts a powerful mastermind every month. It’s free if you qualify. Hope to see you there.

Preeminence Unleashed []

Jeff and I also host a podcast called Preeminence Unleashed and the list of guests coming up is a VERY impressive cast of characters. Drop in and let me know what you think. Plus, we give away a lot of really cool stuff. 

Clubhouse [@nicpeterson23]

I’ve been tinkering around on Clubhouse, mostly just dropping into or opening room to drop some value bombs. Give me a follow if you have an account and then follow the few people that I follow. You’ll thank me later. 




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Eccentric People and Luck

When times are good, people call us lucky. When times are bad, people call us lucky. It’s not an accident that luck stays on our side. And luck if often the side of the eccentric.

Ever feel like some people just seem to keep winning while others can’t seem to catch a lucky break? I spend a few hours every day studying successful people AND unsuccessful people and it’s made me view “luck” differently. 

Dan Nicholson, in his forthcoming book Rigging The Game has entire chapter dedicated to the concept of eccentric people finding more efficient paths forward. I can't share that with you yet, as the book hasn't been published but...

Take this bit from James Clear:

“In ancient Rome, soldiers used leather messenger bags and satchels to carry food while riding across the countryside. At the same time, the Romans had many vehicles with wheels like chariots, carriages, and wagons. And yet, for thousands of years, nobody thought to combine the bag and the wheel. The first rolling suitcase wasn’t invented until 1970 when Bernard Sadow was hauling his luggage through an airport and saw a worker rolling a heavy machine on a wheeled skid.

Throughout the 1800s and 1900s, leather bags were specialized for particular uses—backpacks for school, rucksacks for hiking, suitcases for travel. Zippers were added to bags in 1938. Nylon backpacks were first sold in 1967. Despite these improvements, the form of the bag remained largely the same. Innovators spent all of their time making slight iterations on the same theme.

What looks like innovation is often an iteration of previous forms rather than an improvement of the core function. While everyone else was focused on how to build a better bag (form), Sadow considered how to store and move things more efficiently (function).”

Sadow was eccentric and was asking a different question than everyone else. In order to truly adopt the form over function orientation, one has to learn how to think for themselves. Easier said than done. In order to learn to think for ourselves, we must train ourselves to bias function over form; to focus on solving the problem instead of improving the tools. 

What does that look like in reality?

Things that an “unlucky” person might focus on:

“I need to grow my business bigger”

“I need to grow my revenues”

“We need to hire more people”

“We need to increase adspend and find another channel that converts!”

Here’s a recent example”

"I need to make enough to pay someone else to do XYZ so I can get ten hours a week back to think and spend with my family."

Nic: "How much do you need?"

"$10,000 a month extra would cover the salary with some wiggle room. But there are so many options, Dan Henry's program, Some YouTube Course, Sam Ovens... I'm trying to decide what to invest in - I was told maybe your Network would be a good fit"

Nic: [Asks a bunch of questions and finds out that this person is driving 55 minutes each way, 6 days a week to the office every day]...

"K. Well an office space 5 min from your house is $2,500 a month. So there's 11 hours of your time back in just drive time.

So now you have your time back and $2,500 to cover.

Go through your bank statements - business and personal - and cancel every single recurring payment you think you can live without. Add them back in later if you need them. (This is Dan Nicholson's two oreo principles)"


  • 11 hours a week back 
  • $3,200+ in recurring expenses and subscriptions eliminated. 
  • Got the time back without having to do more work or invest more time. Makes sense, no?

The difference between focusing on the tools and the outcome, or the function over the form.

Eccentric people, and people that always seem to win have a different set of values, they are looking for the most efficient way to achieve and outcome instead of trying to improve the tools all the time.

There is always a more efficient path forward. If you want help finding it let me know.

If you want to find it yourself, keep on the Daily Email List and I’ll keep feeding you the tools. Promise. 


Monthly Value Bomb: Issue #2

Issue 2: November 2020

The Very Second Issue Of The Monthly, High Value Memo that doesn’t even have a name yet:

Man, time flies. I was supposed to have a name for this thing by now. 

Anyway, this is the second issue of the Free Monthly recap newsletter to keep you up to date on what’s new, what’s working, what’s NOT working and, hopefully, give you some tips and tricks to think accurately in times of uncertainty. 

Here’s the stuff you don’t want to miss from October:

Stealth Influence and Secrets of Persuasion:

October I went heavy on building out and perfecting the Stealth Influence concept. You can read about it above, it’s two powerful emails plus a bonus that you can implement right away into your process. Of course, if you want to jump right into the workshop you can do that right here.

The Certainty Summit and Profit Priorities + Introducing the “Investor Frame”

There is one concept that rings more true to me than any others (and my clients say the same when I introduce them to it). It’s the “Investor Frame”. Turns out to be the most powerful way to to make decisions in your  business, especially when crafting a 30, 60 or 90 day plan. 

Want to know where to focus? Watch this free breakdown pulled out of Dan Nicholson’s “Certainty Summit” we held in October. 

Member Spotlight - Dr Gabrielle Lyon

How has Dr. Lyon built a million dollar practice (a million in profit, btw) without any advertising? How have we moved her from in person practice to remote seamlessly? And how does someone that puts very little effort into marketing end up on multiple Top 20 business lists?

Join us Monday the 2nd here or wait for the replay or get on the Thought Bomb list here for the replay. 

Preeminence Unleashed Season 2 Launch:

We’re relaunching the podcast in a big way - we have about 11 episodes in the pipeline already and they are, by far, some of the most fascinating and informative conversations I’ve ever been a part of. Make sure you take time to be a fly on the wall. New episodes drop every Monday. 

What you don’t want to miss moving forward:

Thursday Night Boardroom:

My partner in the Network, Jeff Moore, is one of the most well connected, brilliant, generous people on the planet. The last Thursday of every month, for a decade, he has held a free boardroom meeting for Entrepreneurs to get together, solve and share. Apply here if you want to join. It’s free, we never sell anything, but we do curate. 

The Letter:

Yes, I send a direct mail newsletter every month. Yes, it goes to your physical mailbox and, it has (outside of my private client events) the most powerful content I have to share. As you can see, I don’t put a ton of effort into marketing it, it’s not for everybody - just people ready to cut through the BS. The issue going out Monday is a doozie. 

Onward and Upward


PS.  If you want DAILY updates and deep dives (typically long form and thought provoking text) jump on the Daily Thought Bombs here:

The Love Languages Of Persuasion

Ever study the 5 love languages? 

It’s basically the idea that everyone needs to be shown love and appreciation different for it to land the way they want it to AND everyone shows love and appreciation differently.  

To add to the never ending complication that is a relationship (and perhaps the most important thing to understand) is that the way a person prefers to receive love and appreciation is not the same way they like to give it.  

For example, I’m a gift giver. 

 I just like to gift people shit. I don’t know why, but when I think about someone and it’s positive, I want to gift them things. 

I HATE getting gifts.  Not sure why. Maybe it’s because I love myself enough that I gift myself everything I want lol 

But seriously. This is important. Especially if you've ever fired up a FB live, starred at a blank email or blank page and had a hard time figuring out what you should be saying. 

In your personal life there are very few people you need to think about. Spouse, boyfriend, girlfriends, parents, kids and maybe a few special family friends or something. We can remember how to talk to each of these people. 

But my guess is that in your  business you want to sell hundreds of thousands of people - people that we can’t possibly get to know personally and make notes about their preferred love language. 

Well good news: 

There are four main languages or lenses of influence. 

And there is a system for giving everyone the love, appreciation and attention they deserve, the way they want to receive it (that will turn them into raving buyers and fans) without doing an outrageous amount of work.  

First the four lenses (credit to Jack Butcher of the Trust Accelerator for building these into a framework for me)  

1. Analytical: Content with numbers, facts, figures, white papers
2. Anthropological: Content explaining human behavior, biases and thinking patterns
3. Aspirational: Stories, rags to riches, the hero's journey 
4. Actionable: Content that just tells you what to do.  

Undoubtedly you have the language you like to speak and, most likely, a language you are more likely to tune into and buy from.  

For example, how I prefer to help people is just tell them what to do (actionable) and tell them why they didn’t see themselves (anthropological) but I like to listen to and be sucked into stories (aspirational) and I am moved to buy by numbers (analytical). 


Few things happen if we aren’t aware of these influence lenses:

First, we have a hard time figuring out what kind of content to make because the stuff we are inclined to make is stuff we may not buy from (although others will)  ...And the stuff that we would buy from is not the stuff that we like to make (I fucking HATE telling stories) 

Or, more common:

We just crank out content through the same 1-2 lenses over and over again, meaning we are not speaking to 50-75% of our audience the way they prefer to buy. They want to buy, you're just not speaking their love language. 

Want proof?  

Take your best performing  piece of content - let’s say, for argument's sake, it’s a case study of how you helped Nic Peterson get 100 buyers in 24 hours. 

More than likely the content is some amalgamation of the lenses, but really drilling in on any of them but touching on a few. So do this: 

Share the exact same case study with your audience but hyper focus on each lens - which means: 

One content piece that is “How Nic Made 100 sales in 24 hours” that is plain Jane, showing ONLY the numbers/data.  No story, no psychology, just numbers.(Analytical)  

Then, another sharing why it worked, the psychology behind why we did what we did and why we didn't do it before. Forget the numbers or the story, just break down the underlying concepts and principles (anthropological)  

Then ANOTHER that doesn’t touch on numbers on psychology but just tells the story… from rags to riches! Once upon time... and then... until... and then one day... and now Nic is living happily ever after.

And then another that just lists out the actions steps. "Do this, this and this right now" 

To YOU they will feel like the same story, but to your audience they will be very different. Just like love languages hit different people very differently, so do these lenses.  

If you do this, you will wake up a TON of dormant buyers that have just been waiting for you to speak their love language to them.  

Of course, I have workbooks and digital tools that make this super simple to organize, PLUS a spreadsheet that will tell you exactly what to say and how to sell it 

Plus a framework for telling powerful stories ...and it’s all inside the Stealth Influence Course.  

Which I am teaching live again Saturday the 24th.

>>> Get a ticket to join here

Even if you can't make it, you'll get the replay and bonuses sometime early next week, Your content will become 100000x more powerful overnight 

AND… you’ll have to make LESS of it. Not more.  


Here is the link again  >>> Get a ticket to join here

Nic “don't give me gifts” Peterson

Why Losers Keep Losing

In 2005, my career at AMHS began I had one sophomore English class, and Nic Peterson was in it.

He was not a very good student. In fact, he had a difficult time at AMHS; he will tell you he almost didn’t graduate.

– Jamie Zellner

I often get asked why I work so hard – or spend so many hours working on stuff. The answer is pretty simple:

  • Do my part to make the world a better place
  • Honor the people that have enabled me to be in a place to do so

Now, when I say “make the world a better place” I don’t mean “post on facebook so everyone knows how much I say I support XYZ cause”…

…I mean put my head down, roll my sleeves up and work on MODIFYING MY OWN BEHAVIOR to contribute in a meaningful way.

Because unlike most people posting their outrage or storming the streets right now (note: most, not all) – I have lived in extreme poverty. I have gone days without eating or knowing HOW or WHERE I was going to eat.

There were times I would get a block of cheese from the dollar store store and try to make it last a week (with no refrigeration in the middle of Florida summer)

And I’ve chosen to REFUSE to use that as a crutch in any way.

This may not come as a surprise to you, but I was a horrible student.

As in… 1.98 accumulative GPA in High School, horrible.

So horrible, in fact, that almost every day there were grumblings about kicking me out of school (as up to this point in time, every student had graduated and went onto a four year university and I was most definitely threatening that streak)

Anyway – long story short – I was told that if I did not get into a 4 year university, I would have to finish my senior year somewhere else.

Much to the chagrin of about 50% of the staff, I started getting phone calls from everywhere I had applied. Every conversation was some form of:

“Anyone that tests this high, but has grades this bad is either lazy… or dealing with difficult circumstances at home. We need you to tell us which is the case here”

To my surprise, I got accepted everywhere I applied (except for effin’ Oregon).

When I got onto campus my freshman year in college I got called up to the counselors office (which is not typical for a big college)… and he said to me:

“I know what you’ve been through, I know what you’ve seen. Nobody should ever have to experience what you have – but you would not believe the amount of support you have – the number of people that lobbied on your behalf when we called around – and the belief that these people have in you”

And that is why I work so hard.

To honor the people that thought maybe I could do better for myself.

To do my best, if nothing else, NOT to be a victim or add to the negativity in this world and work to be in a position to be a positive force.

So… for the decade after graduating (barely) from high school I just put my head down and did my best to NOT add negativity to the collective. And then…

Some knuckleheads forgot that they spent 4 years trying to get rid of me and named me alumni of the decade (lol) – I didn’t go the ceremony but I got a copy of the speech that was given. Here is an excerpt:

In 2005, my career at AMHS began I had one sophomore English class, and Nic Peterson was in it.

He was not a very good student. In fact, he had a difficult time at AMHS; he will tell you he almost didn’t graduate.

His home life was tough, and he often came to school without assignments, books, even lunch.

One of his teachers remembers sharing her lunch with him on a regular basis.

Nic was also in my junior English class the next year. His grades continued to be less than stellar, but I could never discount him because he was smart. And he participated.

He understood literature and life on multiple levels.

Funny thing is this…

Until it was brought up in this speech, I had FORGOTTEN about sitting in a classroom during lunch sharing a lunch with teachers.

I had forgotten that an army of people lobbied for me to get into college so that I would at least have a fighting chance. (In fact, at the time I didnt even know it was happening)

And I realized how easy it is to play victim, blame the world and let people down that believe in you.

You know what happens when people fight for you and then you let them down?

They stop fighting for you.

When you don’t work hard to honor the people that believe in you, you incur a massive disadvantage for the rest of your life.

You don’t owe anybody anything. I believe that and support that stance, if you choose to take it.

But to incur disadvantages as you go through life isn’t the best idea, methinks.

And that is why it’s important to lean into and maximize your skills

To honor your gifts, your mentors and the people behind the scenes prompting you up in ways you’ll never realize.

And that, my thought bomb readers is

>>> Why Winning Matters

I’m of the opinion too many people don’t work hard on their gifts and incur the disadvantages of letting people down.

…and then bitch, moan and complain when they aren’t getting the support they feel they deserve.

Until you have taken care of your own business every single day for years and years, you have no right to extraneous support.

Put your head down. Roll your sleeves up. Do the work.

Start winning.

It changes everything.

Why I Keep Violating Economic Principles

People obsess over numbers – sometimes they get lost in numbers. August’s paid newsletter is going out today, here is a short excerpt that I feel needs to be shared:

“So I don’t “tell” many stories and I’m putting hours into writing this thing, along with my daily emails every day that could be going into the most profitable thing I can do, which is make more video.

On paper, it would appear, I am violating all kinds of economic principles and being grossly inefficient.

But let’s look back at last month’s issues, where I shared the Skill/Challenge index; the quadrants breaking down where a high performing person needs to spend most of their time in order to sustain performance: High Skill, High Challenge.

Here is a screenshot from a Skill/Challenge workbook Dan Nicholson and I put together for coaches, consultants or anyone that sells their time for a living:


Doing the wrong things (for you) can put you in a state or constant anxiety, apathy or boredom… even if the math works out “better” on paper in the short term, it creates a ticking time bomb. The reason great plans, on paper, don’t always work out the way they are supposed to is because…

The greatest violation of economic principles

Is ignoring human psychology 

The single biggest factor in how much success a person will experience in their life is how aligned their pursuits stay with their unique disposition, their values and their priorities.

Sometimes we have to give up some money to get closer to the things that we are actually working towards.

Sometimes we may choose the scenic view, because our value systems and priorities have more to do with the journey than an arbitrary number on paper.

Sometimes we may choose the fastest path because the number on paper represents something important to us.

The point is this: it’s all preference based. We should put numbers on paper as a tool to help us decide which path will make us happiest, not which numbers will add up to be the biggest numbers.

If pushing for more revenue means spending less time with your family, missing your son’s baseball games and doing a bunch of stuff that gives you an outrageous amount of stress, boredom and anxiety…

How is that NOT violating your PERSONAL principles? If you’re self employed, you can’t separate your personal principles from your business principles.

And economically:

There Is Nothing More Profitable

Then Developing Useful Skills

Oftentimes, sharpening the axe pays off more than chopping down more trees, right now. We have no idea what social media platforms are going to come and go (or get banned by Trump). We have no idea where videos will be allowed, where they will be banned or how buyer behavior is going to change over time.

If you’re going to be around a while, there is nothing more economically efficient over the long term than sharpening as many tools as possible. Sometimes we have to look inefficient now to be more efficient later.

I don’t have a story to tell you. But I am going to keep showing up and refining this newsletter. If it gets better, you will develop your own story about me. If it gets worse, you’ll develop your own story about me. If you take one nugget out of each issue, implement and your life gets better (which is what you should do) you will develop your own story about me. If I do my job, you’ll tell your friends that story and they will want a front row seat, too.

Either way, this Letter is a forcing function to show up and develop this skill.

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Something to think about.

The context is this: Writing the Monthly Newsletter is one of my lowest dollar per hour activities, so why do I keep doing it?

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I’d say that you can wait to make a decision, but once this goes out, it never goes out again.

Thought Bomb:

Chasing  bigger numbers can make you miserable. Be hyper-aware of how you’re spending time and how it feeds not just your bank account, but also your soul.


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Monthly Value Bomb: Issue #1

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