There are a few ways to work directly with me or my team.

First, we recommend that you read, watch or consume the free content we have put out on various mediums/channels. I do not have salespeople or a sales team so there will be little to no effort to actually sell you anything.

My primary focus is building our own companies and helping our portfolio partners grow theirs.


CCA: Certainty Certified Advisor Program

The CCA is a very special group of movers, shakers and extraordinary individuals standing on the threshold of transformation seeking to learn extraordinary leadership and how to scale their business, organization or wealth in a way that is aligned with their unique disposition. 

This 16 week curriculum gives students direct access to me and my business partners including Dan Nicholson (founder of the Certainty App and Certainty U), Dr Jeff Spencer (the greatest performance and mindset coach of all time) and Randy Massengale (senior advisor to Bill Gates in the 90’s). 

The CCA opens up for 20 new individuals, organizations or companies every few months. It fills up every time, so there is nothing fancy to send you, but you can follow along here for details:


At this time we are only investing in and partnering with CCA graduates and direct referrals from trusted sources. If you have already found product to market fit and are cash flow positive I recommend exploring the CCA or coming to and event/workshop. 

Even if we do not work together, I am happy to make connections to other options and opportunities if I have worked with you in person in any capacity and feel that you are doing good in the world.  

Blockchain Growth Fund

Our blockchain project/venture fund is designed to help the following individuals and organizations:

1. Crypto projects that are adding value to the world outside of just blockchain/trading/etc. 

2. Companies, organizations and individuals in the “real world” that are looking for the most efficient way to incorporate blockchain components into their existing or new business. 

At this time we are only working with CCA graduates, direct referrals and members of The Wolf Den (our crypto community). You can learn about the Wolf Den here.


Events and Workshops

We do events and workshops only when we feel there is something important to address or prepare our partners and community for. They are announced here. 

I spend a lot of time supporting other great events, communities and masterminds which I also talk about in my videos and in the channel linked right above this. 

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